Exciting news for Summit County Real Estate

Wildernest Real Estate is a steady increase and we are excited to have our new office at the bottom of the hill.

It has been a busy and snowy winter so far in Summit County. The snow pack in the area is about 105%

of normal, but it feels like it has been much higher. We had a very busy holiday season with all of the

towns reporting increases in lodging and sales tax revenues.


The real estate market continues to improve with Wildernest showing stronger improvement than is

being realized in most of the rest of the county. Currently there are only 27 condominiums listed for

sale in the Wildernest/Silverthorne area. There have been 111 condominium sales in that market which

factors out to just over a 3 month supply. A large number of units are on the rental programs, but this

is still a strong statistic for the Wildernest market. As you know, real estate prices are all determined on

supply and demand and the low current supply is causing prices to stabilize and increase.


We are very excited about our new real estate office at the base of Wildernest. It has been a long time

since a real estate company has serviced Wildernest with a location at the base. This spring we will be

marketing a new project on the Snake River called Rainbow Run. It will consist of 2 bedroom, 2 bath

condominiums and 3 bedroom 3 bath condominium units, as well as duplex units with garages. Should

you be interested in information on this project or if you would like a competitive market analysis

on your property just send us a quick email. Feel free to stop by our office at anytime at the base of


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